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Before You Go On: A-Trak

In our new THUMP Shorts series, we harass your favorite DJs with some of life's many questions—seconds before they go on stage.

How well do you know A-Trak? Sure, we all know that his real name is Alain Macklovitch, and that he's from Montreal, and that he also plays in Duck Sauce, and that his brother plays in Chromeo. But, did you know how many leather jackets he owns? The color of his underwear? His biggest hopes and his biggest dreams?

Você realmente conhece o A-Track? Claro, todo mundo sabe que o seu nome verdadeiro é Alain Macklovitch e

For the inaugural installment our new THUMP Shorts series Before You Go On, we snuck in backstage with a camera at this year's TBD Fest in Sacramento and bombarded the man with every question we ever wanted to ask him. We only let A-Trak go as he was about to step on stage. Now, that's journalism.