Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 13


This story is over 5 years old.


Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 13

O scurtă călătorie din Kherson du Mariupol (încă suntem prin Ucraina) de-a lungul Marii Negre până la granița cu Rusia. Am găsit niște distracții cu vodcă și jocuri îndrăznețe!

We are still travelling along the Black Sea through the Ukraine. From Kherson to the little city with almost 500.000 inhabitants called Mariupol. The strong coast wind is waving masses of snow onto the streets, which makes it more harder for us to conquer.

Everyone we tell about our aim Sochi, is either getting big unbelieving eyes or is laughing at us. Especially because we have to go over fucked up streets with holes in it and slide over centimetres thick ice. Basically we fight against the natural power. But today Dima was the bravest of us, he still had a lot of alcohol in his blood from last night and was celebrating his lifeline „Carpe Diem“.


Well, first we were running after wild horses because we have been starving and thinking about getting energy of horse meat. Then we made a race between BMX, Ski and Panda. After that we had to put on the self made marigold cream of Stefan‘s mother helped our skin to come back.

Now I owe Dima almost 50 Euros because he dared to do a naked run while the magic hour was going on, somewhere next to a so called road. At the dinner he believed he caught a cold, but I am convinced he is just having a hangover from his hangover.

After his run, we stopped at a little shelter and met some nice guys who invited us to some pure vodka shots. A fat grey cat and vodka was basically all they had. We stuck to their ceremonial behaviour and enjoyed a little chat to friendly strangers.

Many hours later we made it to Mariupol. We are excited to meet dope spots and people.

If you want to feel what we feel when we try to cross the Russian border, feel free to search for our hashtag #PandatoSochi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Hence just text us to 0043 660 525 0162 or meet us and get some goodies of Nokia, Nitro, BeatsbyDre and Fiat of course!