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Skateri adevăraţi

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson destroys everything to get on Toy Machine

It has been a minute since a new Epicly Later’d has gone up, so who better than to come back with than Brian Anderson. Since 1996 Brian has constantly have evolved as a pro skater. When his first video part came out in Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell, he came out of nowhere and held his own along side some of the heaviest names in skateboarding at the time. By the time his second part came out, in Jump off a Building, he was pro. To continue his ascension to legend status, the following year he was awarded Thrasher’s S.O.T.Y. It would seem that with natural progression his skating would have slowed a bit, but it only got heavier. He moved on to Girl Skateboards, and his skating got even better. Anytime one of the Girl or Fourstar videos comes out he seems to be killing everything at demos with the new hungry guys on the team. I think Patrick says it best in the intro when he talks about Brian being a regular dude who happened to get the opportunity to become pro, and didn’t kook it.