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Cu Panda la Soci

Panda to Sochi: Odessa #1 on video

A little dive into the parallel universum below the surface of one of the most important cities of the Ukraine and it‘s very doubting cavepaintings.

My very obscure atlas of trust told me to go and see the catacoms of odessa once in my life. Usually I know catacoms as places to hide from the winter for homeless people or places to party for some druffies. So I booked a Tour and it was kind of good to go to a warmer place than the sharp minus 20 degrees. The Catacoms of Odessa count more than 2500kilometers, so theoretically it is possible to walk from Odessa to Paris (You see, I am already stoked with distances and trips).

When someone is missing his kittykat or water is not running, or the oldest son is‘nt home in time, the people of odessa like to blame it to the catacoms. But in fact, the city would not exist without the tunnelsystem. Once they needed cheap buildingmaterial so they took the sandstone from the ground to build houses. They used so much that the underground became massive catacoms. Almost every house has it‘s own entrance but only a few are still open.

I totally respect those kinf of stuff and didn‘t want to go there on my own, so I booked a tour. Two ukrainian ladies picked me up and one of them was totally covered in fox fur. (She was only the driver) On the spot we met a very shy and skinny girl, which knows the catacoms more than any other of the city. She is spending more time in the catacoms than at home, she is drawing the maps for the catacoms. She says that she preffers the life in the underground than on top. It is easier she admits. I would prefer to talk to her for a long time, but the bad smell of the breath of my dolmetscher made me go insane. So I had to hold back my interest for the life of a girl which prefers life in the underground. Maybe next time!