Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 6


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Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 6

În a doua zi în Viena am mers la o piscină interioară privată, iar apoi ne-am întâlnit cu Miss KK, oartistă celeră în scena underground din Ungaria. Feriți-vă departe de poliție și taximetriști!

Vienna welcomed us in a very cozy 25 hours hotel bed and then lured us to a very underground spot of the city. Usually, there aren't too may positive outcomes when Austrians build something in their cellar, but this time we found something very positive indeed. The Jesus of Skate in Austria, Johannes Wahl, made a concrete skate pool in the cellar of the house where is living.

With a little help of his friends they built an indoor skate-park in a normal house. There is also a painting in there which I really liked but Johannes Wahl was hanging it in there because his girlfriend did not allow him to hang it in their flat.


When we met Johannes he was still partying his own skate-movie-premiere (the one we didn‘t get any tickets anymore) and he opened the cellar doors for Markus Keller (please note: „Keller“ means cellar in German). And Markus Keller said, skating this pool was like having sex for the first time, in the beginning you are very nervous to drop in and than BoomBang and its done!

In the meantime, the BMX rider Stefan Lantschner did an open air park around the corner. I asked the young BMX riders from the spot if they think Stefan is riding good and it turned out that they only know him by his videos and have been happy to be there with him now in reality. So those where the ones who definitely deserved some Goodies of us.

A few give aways and hours later we arrived in Budapest. It was already night, so it was time to make some real underground stuff. There was a very important lady waiting for us! Her [name is Miss KK]( 152642984791872) and she counts to one the very few female street artist of hungary. In the last 8 years she was stuyding art and making hungarians street to a better place. She is really into RAP music and her art is inspired by many pop-artists.

This night, I was her partner in crime and we placed some of her postercollages called „Dolls“ on some public walls close to shopping areas. In Budapest you can get 2-3 years in prison for that and she was hiding half of her face in front of the cameras. I won‘t forget her warmhearted and beatiful eyes. I also admire her way of doing something dangerous with a very clever attitude. Moreover she tought me, that not only police cars are our enemy but also cabs, they call the police when they see something what we did.


I have the feeling this information will be very useful on the rest of our roadtrip. Welcome to the east and off we are to Sibiu!