Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 11


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Cu Panda la Soci: ziua 11

Odessa, cel mai rece loc în care am fost până acum! Am făcut niște cascadorii intr-un amfiteatru abandonat și nimănui de aici nu-i pasă de ce se întâmplă în Kiev.

So here we are. At the most important coastal city of Ukraine, Odessa. The cold wind of the Black Sea is blowing deep into our lungs, it is hard so say which part of the body is hurting more because of the icy weather. The Greenpeace idea of spraying on someone’s fur is slowly loosing power when I see the ladies in fur passing by easily.

Dima, our freestyle skier and myself kept searching for a fur hat, because he says he will look like Stalin with such a hat. While I was drinking a Pepsi, the liquid is freezing in the bootle, Dimas heart gets icicles and Stefan is already wearing his snow boots, so there we are, always searching for a spot!


Odessa is full of impressive and massive buildings and the people are also quite unable to cope with the hard winter. The friendly lady who made me a hot choclate told me about people dying of the cold and that it has not ever been like that this time of the year. But it is always different than now, when you ask as a tourist.

The city seems tensed, but really only because of the weather not because the actual situation in Kiev which is not bothering the inhabitants really. When we ask about it, they say that the „people up there“ (in Kiev approx. 440km away) are anyhow only doing what they want. And the only solution is, that the Ukraine should split up in west and east and make new elections. Still we kept on doing our program and drove through the little hills of the city, up and down. You can see like from terraces down to the harper of the Black Sea. Until we reached a park.

At the entry of the park there is a statue of the famous Ukraine artist and writer Taras Shevchenko enthroning. We went through the park through knee deep snow until we found an abandoned amphitheatre. The perfect spot to put Dima’s skis on! Wild dogs found their home at this place and have been our only audience. This abandoned spot was ours!

A short Rocky Balboa run at the Potemkin Stairs later—our parents will be proud—and we warmed up. From downstairs the city seems like as if Odessa is enthroned to heaven. The city seems to had a very stylish period of promoterism but now the broad streets are overtaken by rusty tins (busses). The veneer of the city is putting me into a state of ideas about a real luxury from the past. Walking through the streets people celebrating orgys arranging secret agreements and carriages rolling up and down the hills of the vivid city. I need these thoughts to fight against the cold.


Song of out Nokia music playlist today is: Caribou—„Odessa“

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