This story is over 5 years old.

Cu Panda la Soci

Panda to Sochi: Kherson #1 on video

Our way to a place called Kherson was different. In many ways. It was way colder than before and therefore one of us did a naked sun downer run, romantic of course.

Being in a car that‘s holding you warm for the whole day, seeing a frozen world through the safety glass and feeling not safe because of all the Russian - or wherever in the east we are - laws, brings up stupid ideas of course. Actually it is just stupid when it comes up to the meaning of a doc. I think Dima can take what he did! He took off his clothes right after we had a gang sundowner selfie.  Just for 50 bucks and we paid him back in vodka shots!

I didn’t drink for more than two years now until we stopped at this shabby hotel to have a pee break. Next to the toilet there was sort of a bar where it sounded like fun. I couldn‘t hold back having two shots of Russian highway brewed Vodka and a strange white salat as a finisher. It is hard to say no to two drunk truckies when one of them is looking like the old Robert De Niro.

After that booze we drove on and first we didn‘t believe the Kanye & Kim - Bound 2 Video Picture … White snow and beautiful horses! We tried to catch them with the Panda. Maybe it was the vodka who made us thinking that they won‘t run away of a car. But it was worth it. After seeing so many dirty dogs eating themselves it was time for horses. And I remember the sentence of an Austrian photographer who once claimed that „Every girl is having sexual phantasies of horses“. Well Boy, that‘s a good quote to end this day!