11 Tiny Pride Floats to Help You Celebrate This Year

By Rachel Miller

"...For me, being West-African and non-binary means embracing/embodying the ancestors who existed outside of eurocentric gender constructs, and I think that is something to be proud of.” —Amir Khadar

“...I wanted this float to highlight the parts of Pride I fell in love with, and give credence to people often ignored. When creating this float I wanted to glorify these spaces including gold trims and oversized scale shifts while maintaining the rawness and grit intrinsic to my community.” —Glori J. Tuitt

“Trans folks are too often told that we are unlovable, especially if we do not conform to gender roles, try to ‘look cis’ or ‘pass’, or adhere to colonial gender ideology.There is such love between transgender folks—romantic, platonic, familial—and our love is so creative in finding ways to thrive.” —Art Twink

“Being a queer illustrator myself, I have found great comfort in the work of artists both past and present. Keith Haring, Tove Jansson, Christian Robinson, and Lisa Congdon have helped me emotionally and inspirationally make peace with who I am as a maker... ” —Jess Bird

“This float is an offering of rage, joy, trash, and sparkle, inspired by my brief and life-transforming time at Standing Rock and my fury at the 1% who are ravaging the entire living world. Created in gratitude to Indigenous and Black trans folks who have taught us that we’ve always been here. And we’ve always been sacred...” —Micah Bazant

“My float is inspired by one of my favorite queer books— The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions, written by Larry Mitchell and beautifully illustrated by Ned Asta...I read and I savor these stories about these queers—the Fairies, Queens, Women with color, and how they create their own means of survival and celebration.” —Ashley Lukashevsky

Our float is a big Pride celebration! We wanted to throw it back to NYC queer nightlife which lead to the birth of the Disco era! At our disco party, everyone is welcome to cut loose, boogie, celebrate and be who you are… on or off the dance floor! As one of our favorite pride anthems says, ‘We are family!’” —Dennis Setteducati & Andrew Boza (AKA Crafty Lumberjacks)

“This float honors one of my personal heroes, gay poet, writer, artist, and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau—a true Renaissance Man! Seeing his film, The Blood of a Poet (1930), was a formative experience for me when I discovered it as a young teen. ” —Holden Brown

“Queer Black, Indigenous, people of color have lead the LGBTQ movement on the streets but also in writing. This float is dedicated to queer writers of color, historical and contemporary, who are documenting our histories and aliveness.” —féi hernandez

“My float is inspired by Janelle Monae's Pynk video. I've been going on long walks in Philly and listening to Janelle's music a lot during this weird time. I love her positivity and all her black femme power that's a part of her work.” —Kah Yangni

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