Last-Minute Gifts That Won’t Disappoint Your Boomer Parents

By VICE Staff

Today is the day to pull the trigger and get the whole ‘gifts for your parents’ thing out of the way so you can actually enjoy the next couple of weeks without waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. Here are 15 ideas. Pick a couple, send them, and thank us later.

National Geographic x Parks Project Legacy tote

This tote is a collaboration with Parks Project, which helps to fund projects to maintain America’s National Parks.

Tile Mates

Your most absent-minded Boomer parent can put them on their most frequently lost items and then can use an app to find them any time and every time they have a meltdown that they’re gone forever. $47.99 for 2, at Tile.

STAUD x Noshinku hand sanitizer and case

This Noshinku hand sanitizer smells amazing and won’t chap your hands, and comes in a fancy little croc case that you can clip wherever.

Light Phone II distraction-free cell phone

This Light phone prevents doomscrolling of any kind by streamlining its features to the simplest and most essential.

Mello CBD sea salted caramels

Mellow’s sea salted caramels have 15mg of CBD each, the perfect amount for catching a good vibe .

Summersalt cashmere-blend jogger pants

Usually cashmere is oppressively expensive, but you can get these cashmere-blend pants from Summersalt for under a hundo. $95, at Summersalt.

Misen chef's knife

The Misen chef’s knife stays sharp for months and months on end, and has a nice weight to it that makes it easy to control and delightful to use. $65, at Misen.

Jasper Hills cheese set

If you are hanging with your parents for the holidays, and you happen to give them this box of very delicious cheese from Jasper Hill Farms, the likelihood is very high that you will get to enjoy some, too.

Kavalan Distillery Select Single Malt Whisky

Then you should suggest that you both do a taste test with all the best whiskies in his collection. $57.99, on sale at

Hedley & Bennett’s Essential Apron

Baking, barbecuing, whatever—no one likes ruining their drip when cooking, no matter their age. $68, at Hedley & Bennett.

TEKLA hooded cotton terry bathrobe

This bathrobe from Tekla is thick and cushy, has a hoodie, and gives off a cool 70s vibe. Ah yes, the 70s: Your parents were probably around for those. $167, at Matches Fashion.

A ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug

You simply can’t go wrong. $15.80, at Zazzle.

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