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The Cute Show!

Baby Camels!

At first glance, they look like disabled, lumpy horses.

We admit, we’re not huge fans of camels. At first glance, they look like disabled, lumpy horses (and horses are quite frightening to begin with, unless they’re miniature). But when we recently visited the only camel dairy farm in Europe, we felt ashamed for being so judgmental. Baby camels are fucking adorable when they look up at you with their long, black eyelashes that serve no other purpose than to tug at your heartstrings (keeping sand out of their eyes is just a bonus). And it’s especially fun to watch newborns try to walk with their long, wobbly, knobby-kneed legs. Here at the dairy they use the camels’ fresh milk to make soap, chocolate and lotion. Apparently, camel milk is lower in fat and cholesterol than cow’s milk and is rich in immunoglobulins. And in comparison with camels, cows are big, lumpy sacks of ugly, haphazardly colored garbage.