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The Collective Mood of China Expressed as Monumental Light Display

'Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube' is a pretty crazy installation.

It's not often that ancient Chinese texts about divining the future and social media meet. It's even less common that they meet in the form of a giant light show that takes place on the facade of a former Olympic venue. But this is what takes place in artist Jennifer Wen Ma and lighting designer Zheng Jianwei's installation, Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube.

The piece was unveiled last month at the Beijing National Aquatics Center (known as the Water Cube) and uses a computer program to translate the I Ching and the collective mood of the Chinese people, through the emoticons they use on the microblogging site Weibo, into a real-time light display on the building's blistered exterior.

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