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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... DVP: Shredding the Iron Curtain

A guest mix from Florian Grill, head of the Dying Victims Productions label and author of the annual zine, Thrash Attack.

The summer may have ended somewhat prematurely, but the mixtape mania has not. This month I welcome a new name to my illustrious team of compilers, one Florian Grill, head of the excellent Dying Victims Productions label and author of the biblically-sized annual zine, Thrash Attack.

We've been corresponding rather sporadically since meeting a few years back, but I always keep an eye on the stuff his label puts out, as he's always championing two things I love: forgotten 80s bands and new bands that raise the spirits of the ancient metal gods. So I asked him to compile some of his best stuff from this year and some forgotten gems. He did about the best job he could have done, showing some bands I hadn't even heard of.


Over to Florian:

Having played some of my material previously on the Midnite Madness radio show, Dylan suggested I should put together a small mixtape with some material from Dying Victims Productions. I chose the more recent releases, which came out in the last three to four months, but I also included a second lot of tracks. Basically, it's a mixture of killer bands from East Germany who have released – or are on the edge releasing – their debut albums, with the other half being American bands that never made it over the demo stage in the 80s, but easily tear apart many properly recorded albums. Enjoy!


Recent releases on DVP:

1. Deathstorm - "Massgrave"
2. Bastardizer - "Demons Unleashed"
3. Poseidon - "Beyond the Seven Gates of Hell"
4. Dresden - "Sound of Silence"
5. Vigilance - "Tower of Black Sorcery"
6. Throaat - "Evil Dead"
7. Sanctifying Ritual - "Carved in Rotten Remains"
8. Satan's Cross - "Sumerian Night"
9. Witch Blade - "Ljusets Apostel"
10. Mion's Hill - "Eaten Alive"

New bands from East Germany and old overlooked demo stuff from the USA:

11. Fatal Violence - "Violence Is Golden"
12. Have Mercy - "Show Me Your Rage"
13. Schafott - "Total Cleansing"
14. Gargoyle - "Burning Marrow"
15. Hellhound - "Killing Spree"
16. Division Speed - "Blazing Heat"
17. Savage Death - "Evil Dead"
18. Chörnyj Woron - "V2 Over London"

A Fist in the Face of God Presents… DVP: Shredding the Iron Curtain by Mxnv on Mixcloud


I've also been keeping up my monthly radio show on NTS, where I play the finest in forgotten metal for two hours. The shows are chronicled here, for those not in the know.

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