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That Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Is Back at Work in Case You Need a Cleaning

He was greeted by a mob of protestors and journalists.

Cecil the lion. Image via Wikipedia

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After six weeks in hiding, Walter Palmer – the dentist who allegedly shot, killed, skinned, and decapitated Cecil the lion – returned to work at his dental practice on Tuesday morning. He was greeted by protestors, both online and off.

A video of Palmer's arrival posted by Fox showed demonstrators, journalists, and camera crews circling the dentist as he entered the building. He was said to have left several hours later in different clothes to pick up lunch for his employees before returning to finish out the day.

Meanwhile people continued to flood his practice's Yelp page today, pummelling the business with one-star ratings. Many of the reviews describe the doctor as basically the scourge of the earth, calling the guy an "animal murderer," "douchebag," "sadistic dentist," and "soulless monster."

Yelp has placed a statement on the dental practice's page to notify people in need of dental work that "this business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their views on the news" and that administrators would clean up the reviews starting this week.

Palmer reportedly spent up to $55,000 to hunt and kill Cecil in July, claiming he did not realise the 13-year-old lion was protected and lived on a national park.