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The Round-Up

All the Best Stuff You Missed This Week

You're busy, so we've collected our favourite things from across the VICE network over the last seven days and put them all in one place.

Listen, you're busy – you've got things to do, places to be, plans to cancel with your friends by texting "so sorry!!!!! work crazy right now. another time? x" only to go home and watch an entire Archer season on Netflix – and as such you might have missed some of the juicier morsels from the extended VICE network this week. So, thankfully for you, we've curated a nice little list for you to spend the weekend catching up on. Save all these to your iPad and dive in:


Does Anyone Care That Camden's Dying?

The grotty alternative capital of London is being Shoreditchified, but it's not like anything good has happened there for decades.

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We Asked the Experts to Predict the Biggest Music Trends of 2017

Meet the tastemakers and gurus who take a shit on boundaries, tequila-shot your perceptions and painfully birth the future.

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I Inaugurated My Uterus With an IUD Because Trump Is President

"While much of our health coverage is still in the hands of the state and our employers, anything can happen in four years. If I took the incoming president at his word, my safety net was in danger of disappearing."

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Game Developers Speak Up in the Face of Obamacare Repeal

What will happen to the game industry when so many developers depend on the Affordable Care Act?

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The People Who 'Sex Detox' to Help Them Fuck with Pure Hearts

There's nothing inherently bad about sex, but the societal shit that surrounds it can cause a lot of problems. The benefits of a period of abstinence include clarity, peace and a fruitful relationship with a vibrator.

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You Have No Idea How Much Butter It Takes to Make a Croissant

To say there is a lot of butter in croissants is not just an understatement, it's a complete misunderstanding of what a croissant is. "Croissant" is the name given to a shitload of butter, to which a small amount of pastry has been added and twisted into a crescent shape.


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In Fond Memory of the Greatest Football Vines

The looping video app, supposedly beloved by internet people everywhere, was terminated on behalf of general neglect and underuse. Lovers of Dapper Laughs, Brian Limond and animals doing the funniest things™ will be devastated, and football fans are gutted too.

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