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The Creators Project

'This Must Be the Only Fantasy' by Rodarte and Todd Cole

Elijah Wood stars in a VFX-driven ode to fantasy role-playing games.

Magical realism, 1980s video games, and haute couture come together in This Must Be the Only Fantasy, a new film collaboration between fashion house Rodarte and filmmaker Todd Cole, produced by The Creators Project. The film stars Elijah Wood and is a VFX-driven ode to fantasy role-playing games with original music by Beach House.

"You live your life in the every day but then in this other world – in your mind, your imagination – you get to transform into the hero, and this is the duality that we wanted to capture," Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte says about working in the fantasy genre.

To bring this fantastical world to life Rodarte and Cole recruited the skills of VFX studio a52, who used CGI to turn the contemporary setting of Los Angeles into a magical realm where characters vanish and reappear, a unicorn carries our heroine – played by 18-year-old Sidney Williams – from place to place, faces unnaturally contort into evil glares, and magical particles are conjured from thin air. The effects also make a stylistic nod to 80s gaming, like the way the fairy – played by supermodel Guinevere van Seenus – is a glitchy projection, or how Elijah Wood's throne is stacked with gaming joysticks, consoles, wires and bulky hardware.

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