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Stoners Are Pissed Off About a Study Claiming That the Munchies Might Be Causing Diabetes

They should probably just smoke a joint and chill out.
2015 september 16, 8:00am

A cannabis cookie (photo via Wikimedia)

You'll never guess what: some study that claims to show links between prolonged cannabis usage and prediabetes has been slammed by pro-cannabis campaigners. I know, right?

The study, conducted by the University of Minnesota on more than 3,000 Americans, reported that 65 percent of regular cannabis users are at higher risk of developing the sugary disease, while those who have used it "more than a hundred times" had a 50 percent higher chance of getting it. While no biological link between the two has been found, there is a suspicion that the diabetes is brought on by the munchies.

A spokesperson from the NHS said that the intense hunger generated by bong hits to the brain "can lead users to snack on foods with a high calorie and sugar content, but with little in the way of nutritional value" and that "if maintained on a long-term basis, this type of diet can lead to obesity, which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes".

Stoners across the world have put a lot of work into debunking and shouting down claims that weed can negatively impact your health over the years. This time round it's no different.

"The interpretation of this awful research is both dangerous and unethical to the point where even the NHS themselves have published an immediate rebuttal. Diabetes own website refers to the potential benefits of cannabis to those suffering from diabetes and GW Pharmaceuticals are currently doing research on the efficacy of cannabinoids with some great results so far," says John Liebling, head of United Patients Alliance – a cannabis advocacy group that launched its UK branch last year.

No study into the negative effects of regular cannabis consumption are ever going to be taken at face value while weed remains illegal, so the red hot defence of it and continued fight for its availability, medicinal or not. What we can agree on, though, is that eating four bags of Haribo and three litres of Dr Pepper at 2AM is not doing anyone any favours.