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Congolese Women Are Using Liquid Seasoning to Give Themselves DIY Butt Implants

Watch this short clip from a new episode of 'STATES OF UNDRESS,' VICELAND's travel and fashion series, airing Wednesday, April 5.

Our new VICELAND show STATES OF UNDRESS is not your typical dive into the high-fashion worlds of Paris, Milan, London, and New York. The series explores the different and unexpected fashion scenes around the world, uncovering new trends and addressing issues that the mainstream industry tends to ignore.

On this episode, host Hailey Gates heads to the African nation of Congo, where fashion is a full-time obsession. As she encounters the eclectic style on display in the streets of Kinshasa, Gates talks with women about their beauty ideals and learns that typical North American runway standards are not the norm everywhere. Congolese women not only prefer more curves, but will go to very extreme lengths to get them.

In this clip, Gates gets a first-hand look at the home remedies that women are using to boost their "assets"—including liquid suppositories of Maggi seasoning that they are self administering contrary to doctors' orders and at serious risk to their health.

Watch the clip above and make sure check out the full episode of STATES OF UNDRESS.