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The Primary School Teacher Who Turned Out to Be a Gun-Carrying Coke Dealer

Aqsa Carvalho, from Hertfordshire, has just been sentenced to 17 years in prison, along with three accomplices.

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A primary school teacher from Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for dealing cocaine and keeping automatic weapons at her house.

Aqsa Carvalho, 26, was prosecuted after police found a Czech-made Skorpion machine gun in her dresser drawer, as well as a fair few wraps of showbiz sherbet. Not only that, but a self-loading pistol, a bag of ammo and a fucking revolver, like she's the Croxley Clint Eastwood. She was found guilty at Kingston Crown Court of three counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession with intent to supply class A drugs.


Her husband, Robert James Carvalho, 32, was imprisoned for 18 years for similar charges, to which he pleaded guilty. The couple's arrest and charge was part of a police operation in which £7,000-worth of drugs were seized. The couple were in cahoots with Jamon Anwar, 30, and Abdul Ramzan, 25, who got 14 and 16 years respectively.

"These are extremely dangerous individuals who were prepared to use lethal firearms to protect an illicit drug dealing business. I am pleased that they have now been jailed for a considerable period of time," said Met Special Projects Team member Special Constable Gill MacLean.

"On Monday, 21st March, officers from the Met's Special Projects Team on a pro-active operation searched a property in Harriet Walker Way after witnessing a bag being handed over to Ramzan and Anwar in Oxford Gardens, Uxbridge," said a Scotland Yard spokesman. "Cash, a quantity of class A drugs, along with a drugs grinder and scales, were also located during the search. A number of mobile phones seized during the raid subsequently revealed evidence of extensive drug dealing. A search was conducted at an address in Trelawney Avenue in Slough, and approximately 80 rounds of '.22' ammunition were found concealed behind the fireplace, along with a number of mobile phones. A search of Anwar's address resulted in the seizure of counterfeit notes. Fifty wraps of drugs were found at Ramzan's address."


So that's that: prison time for all. Still, I suppose Mrs Carvalho can at least put her teaching, drug dealing and gun running abilities into use in the slammer, perhaps by educating the lags on how to more effectively run their respective criminal endeavours.

Image: Aqsa Carvalho, some cocaine, some school kids and some Skorpion machine guns (viaviavia)

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