This story is over 5 years old.


Afghan Interpreters

The Taliban's official spokesman says that Afghan interpreters who worked for the US are traitors who should be punished by death.

The interpreters who worked alongside American and NATO forces in Afghanistan are among our bravest and most loyal allies. They played an essential role in sourcing intelligence and educating Western troops about the local culture. Now they’re being abandoned.

In part two, VICE News correspondent Ben Anderson interviews the Taliban's official spokesman, who tells him that the Taliban considers Afghan interpreters who worked for the United States to be traitors who should be punished with death. But these interpreters aren't threatened only by the Taliban – members of their communities suspect them of being spies and of being paid highly for their services, and are targeting them accordingly. Despite living under constant danger after loyal service to US forces, these interpreters have been unable to obtain visas necessary for them to leave the country.

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