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This Guy Somehow Survived Two Separate Grizzly Attacks in the Same Day

"Life sucks in bear country," the bloody 50-year-old said in a video he filmed just moments after the attacks.

As we all know from The Revenant, or Into the Wild, or that movie where James Franco gnawed his own arm off or whatever, Mother Nature can easily turn a pleasant outdoor hike into a miserable fucking nightmare. Just last weekend, nature was especially cruel to a hiker in Montana who struggled to survive two bear attacks within minutes of each other, the Montana Standard reports.

Todd Orr was hiking through the Madison Range in Montana on Saturday, scouting for hunting locations, when a grizzly bear barreled over and attacked him. After the bear bit into Orr a couple of times, the guy managed to ward it off by rolling up in a ball and playing dead. He started a three-mile hike back to his car, bloody and hurt, before the same bear came back ten minutes later and attacked him again.

"Life sucks in bear country," the 50-year-old said in a video he filmed just moments after the attacks. "She got my head good. I don't know what's under my hat," he said, before showing the camera his blood-soaked shoulder and the gash in his left arm.

Orr managed to get back to his car and drive 17 miles to the nearest hospital, where doctors spent eight hours stitching him up before letting him go home on Monday.

"I think he did an excellent job under the circumstances, but he ran into a bear who wasn't happy with his presence—and he lived to tell about it," Madison County sheriff Roger Thompson told the Standard. "I think he should go out and buy a lottery ticket now."

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