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Pimp Rapper 100s Dropped a Video for "1999"

Who wouldn't want to party like it's 1999?

It doesn't seem that hard out here for a pimp, at least when you tune into a 100s music video. The Cali-bred MC, who we introduced to you back in October of last year, has sharpened up his dick-wielding, perm-rocking persona with his latest clip for the synth-driven "1999". The song was always one of the standouts from his debut mixtape, Ice Cold PermBut with visuals that really tap into the song's nostalgic inspirations – everything from House Party to Hype Williams's videos – the track is elevated to a whole new level. It's usually not good to live in the past, but when you get the call to "fuck her in the ass, while he beats up the pussy," who wouldn't want to party like it's 1999? Check it out:


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