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The EDL Want "Paedo Muslims" off Our Streets

But they didn't mention the paedo atheists at the mini-riot in Manchester last night.

Last night in Heywood, Greater Manchester, a combination of English Defence League members and men from an EDL splinter group called the 'North West Infidels' held a protest against an alleged paedophile ring that is currently facing trial in Liverpool.

In 2008 and 2009, 11 members of the local Asian community allegedly commited a string of sexual assaults and rapes against local white girls, all of whom were under the age of 16 (some were as young as 13). The EDL took a very special interest in the case, as they automatically assumed that the men were Muslims and therefore the case would be useful in their fight against 'militant Islam'.


Alongside the BNP, the group have spent the month hanging around outside Liverpool Crown Court, attacking the barristers defending the accused and possibly jeopardising the trial. Last night's protest was the first to turn violent, when up to 300 people attacked Asian-owned takeaway resaurants (including the one that some of the accused used to work at) and taxi firms. Riot police were quickly drafted in and, in the clashes that followed, one police officer was injured and several protesters arrested.

A lot of people have taken to Facebook and Twitter to condemn the violence, but the EDL, NWI and their mates appear to see things differently:

Paedo Muslims off our streets? What about the paedo Christians? Or the paedo atheists?

Che Guevara had his say:

And it didn't take too long for the NWI to pen a future chart-topper:

In the past, the EDL and NWI have attempted to hide the fact that they're a bunch of white power dickheads, but this incident seems to have made them a bit bolder in that respect. Fourteen words or "14w", by the way, refers to


Nick Griffin had his say on the event (read from the bottom up if you've never used Twitter):

Unfortunately this isn't the only racially motivated attack to have taken place in Greater Manchester in recent weeks, and obviously it won't help to ease any tensions. Whatever happens next, the NWI and EDL certainly aren't going to let it drop.

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