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Here's R.A. the Rugged Man's New Video For "The People's Champ"

We've got the latest from the New York legend.

There are very few human beings operating in hip-hop today with a more interesting story than R.A. the Rugged Man. An early-90's blue chip major label rap prospect, R.A. quickly decided that he hated record labels so much that he made a song called "Every Record Label Sucks Dick." This was after he and Biggie teamed up to make what is perhaps the grossest rap song of all time. What makes the Rugged Man special is there's an incredible amount of substance behind the crazy stuff. Take, for example, his verse on Jedi Mind Tricks' "Uncommon Valor," a harrowing first-person retelling of his father's time as a soldier in Vietnam, or "Lessons," the opening cut from his lone solo album Die, Rugged Man, Die, where he raps with a weird sense of pride about his friends blowing up while he stays underground. These days, the Rugged Man seems content being an underground legend, as his newest single "The People's Champ" can attest. We're proud to premiere the video for it which features an intro from fellow New York legend Rampage.


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