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Les Big Byrd: "Back to Bagarmossen"

We got our hands on their weird video recorded in Stockholm's Skogskyrkogården.

For a country with such intense zero tolerance drug policies, Sweden has a surprising number of psychedelic bands on the rise right now. I mean it seems like recently the whole world have been tripping balls to the likes of GOAT, Sudakistan and the Janitors. And next up are Stockholm's Les Big Byrd. "Back to Bagarmossen" is the title track from their upcoming 10" EP (PNKSLM Recordings), which was co-recorded by the pretty legendary Anton Newcombe at his Berlin studio last summer. And FYI, Anton actually plays guitar on this track. The suitably weird video that we got the exclusive premiere of was directed by LBB frontman Joakim Åhlund. It also stars Swedish skateboarder Ricky Sandström as the Grim Reaper, cruising through Sweden's second largest cemetery, Skogskyrkogården, last Halloween. The Back to Bagarmossen limited edition vinyl EP is available to pre-order at PNKSLM Recordings now. And if you're in Stockholm on the 20th, don't miss the release party.