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Watch Juce In Five Different Colours In This Interactive Music Video

The only time in your entire life it's ok to ask "what's your favourite colour?"

We’re really quite keen on Juce (so keen that we put them on a stage in Islington last week to share our keenness with everyone else) and as such we’re really quite keen on this video they’ve done for ASOS FW14 which is set to one of their very good songs, "The Heat".

While it may look like a fun, kitschy video much like any other, with Chalin, Cherish and Georgia giving good face and good dance moves, you can actually change the colour scheme at any point during the song, so while you may start everything off on default red, you can run the whole primary spectrum (plus green) by the time the song ends. The styling changes with each colour you choose, so you basically get the effect of flipping through a weirdly intuitive catalogue, set to music.

Directed by Pensacola, the same team behind Chvrches’ video for ‘Gun’, we liked everything best in blue, closely followed by yellow, then green, but mostly we liked switching it up to the beat and wished all music videos from now on had this level of interaction. Plus we’re now itching to hear ‘The Heat’ in full, which sounds like a lighter, funkier companion to ‘Burning Up’.