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Watch Jack Black Rip Out A Man’s Heart In OFF!s New Video

And See Keith Morris Get Thrown Into A Trash Can
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

It seems that getting middle of the run actors to appear in music videos is all the rage nowadays. Recently, Shia Labeouf appeared starker’s in the clip for Sigur Ros and now, school of rocker, Jack Black has ripped out a mans heart in “Wrong”, the new video from Californian rockers OFF!

Coming out like the brawl scene of Anchorman, the video shows Black getting his bitch bad on with a whole host of violent wrongdoings. This video makes me wish all my fights were sound tracked by bad ass punk music to make me not look like such a fledgling pre muscled child. Then again, everything looks pretty bad ass when you’ve got a beard, a bike helmet and the strength to rip the living guts out of a dude – which is exactly what Jack Black does.