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Introducing Tempesst and the Tripped Out Visuals for "Tidal Wave"

Hitch a ride on Tempesst's space shuttle—these Aussie twin brothers are navigating us straight outta here.

Oh hello Monday, we meet again, and all too soon. Honestly I wish I was a lady of leisure, leaning back in a bed of lettuce, tucked in a hot dog bun, dreaming of being injested by a mustachioed half-man, half-ocoptus. I also wish I'd thought of that surreal visual myself, but this is just one of the peculiar images that float by in Tempesst's video for "Tidal Wave." It's the Aussie-born, London-based twins, Toma and Andy Banjanin's first single proper, but it's been a long and winding road leading up to this point—a story including two nixed EPs, two five year visas seized at the US border, and 500 LPs that, to this day, sit in Andy’s stairwell, because, well, something to do with a coke addict entrusted with the vinyl masters messing it all up for everybody. You'll have to ask them really.


Here's what is clear: the brothers self-directed/produced/animated the above video which comprises of 248 hand drawn pictures, with the whole shebang taking up 376 hours over three months to create. Like, woah. That's dedication, coke addict be damned!

"Tidal Wave" is a blissful, psych-pop number which encourages the listener to calm down dear, hitch a ride on their space shuttle, and get lost in the sonic hypnoticism of their sunny grooves.

Dear Tempesst,

There better me more to come. And yes that's a threat.



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