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Festivals 2015

Patti Smith Just Sang Happy Birthday to the Dalai Lama on the Pyramid Stage

This is the most Glastonbury thing that has ever happened at Glastonbury.

A week ahead of his 80th birthday, the Dalai Lama appeared at Glastonbury earlier today to deliver an early morning message of compassion and mutual understanding. He began with an hour-long speech in the festival's Peace Garden, near the stone circle. Afterwards, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader took part in a climate change debate before heading over to the Pyramid Stage, where - in what is probably the most Glastonbury thing that has ever happened at Glastonbury - Patti Smith presented him with a cake, read "a little birthday poem", and led the crowd in a rendition of Happy Birthday.


The Dalai Lama said he was an admirer of the veteran singer-songwriter and her band.

"I very much appreciate those singers and musicians - most of you with white hair," he said. "That voice and physical action looks very beautiful. That gives me encouragement. Myself, now 80 years old, I should be more like you."

“I see old and young, everybody full of joy,” he told the Glastonbury crowd. “While you are here, enjoy the joyfulness here. But you should remember on this same planet are human beings being killed by human beings.”

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