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We Gave Baby Trish a Phone so She Could Document Her First Trip Abroad

Here's what she came back with.

Three years ago, Sweden’s bear-headed trio Teddybears travelled to Jamaica where they teamed up with then nine-year-old Baby Trish.

Baby Trish wasn’t your regular nine-year-old back then, and she sure isn’t your regular 13-year-old now. I mean, how many of you guys have performed onstage in front of an entire country's music industry's crème de la crème, huh? And even if you have, I doubt you did it good. Face it: You're not cool. Not compared to Baby Trish you're not.


You see, to coincide with the release of the first single together as a quartet,

“What’s Your Problem?”

, Baby Trish went on her first-ever journey outside of Jamaica to cold ol’ Sweden where she performed at the


gala, which is pretty much Sweden's equivalent to the Grammy Awards.

Since we didn't want to see this rising star on TV only, we handed Baby Trish a phone (not for the sake of its telephone capabilites but obviously for its camera function) so she could photograph her experiences on her first-ever trip abroad. And


Here's what she came back with



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