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You Need to Hear This

The new Video From Cory Jreamz is Kinda Creepy...

It's set in some weird hotel and we called him up to ask about it.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

19-year-old Cory Jreamz is still a stranger in his hometown of Houston, but the past year has seen his profile grow in the UK - his poetic take on hip-hop resonating with London's storytelling culture. He's working towards an impressive debut London show, but in the meantime we've got his stunning new video. We asked him how it all came about.

The video is pretty creepy, what's it about?

I worked backwards when I was in the progress of getting the ideas together for these videos. The next video will show why I was at the hotel and why I killed the girl. You could say Mr. Lucas inspired this a bit.


What's the scariest place you've stayed at?

I've never actually done a full show. I want to perform in the Medieval Ruins one day, i'm sure that will be creepy.

Maybe, and the creepiest thing that's happened to you?

A single bird followed me all the way home one time, when I walked home from school. It was weird because he never flew away, he just flew directly above me the whole time. I'm going to make a movie about that moment in my life. Just have to think of a name for the bird.

What's next for you?

I'm working on making this first London show happen. I'm collaborating with my friends Video Marsh and Matthew Bogues on the visuals for each song while i'm performing. Even though I know I won't be doing arenas or stadiums or anything, In my mind I will be in a stadium. This is really far fetched but I want my shows to be on the same level as U2's 360 Tour or Daft Punk's Alive Tour. It's 2014 and with so much technology, there is no reason why shows should be boring. I try to say in my mind ''If Pink Floyd were at my show would they be bored from this?''