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What the Hell Is Going on in CL, Diplo, Riff Raff & OG Maco's "Doctor Pepper" Video?

Dinosaurs, ghosts, glitter bombs, and Pikachu!?

K-pop star CL's crossover salvo "Doctor Pepper" carried a perplexing guest list (Riff Raff and OG Maco??) into a reasonably fun-loving party jam that simmered as much because of itself as in spite of itself. The video's here now, and it is weirder than expected. There's dinosaurs, Pikachu, rap squats, glitter bombs, let's talk about what even is happening. Video at the bottom.

Rap squats, twerking, flying stegosauruses, this is kind of what I imagine a Diplo party looks like.


This is like when Young Thug made a rap song about everyone's favorite Pokemon and figured if he just called it "Picacho" no one would notice, but then the song still mysteriously disappeared because it doesn't matter what you do, Nintendo always finds out.

That face when your face has a face of its own but it's Diplo's face.

This scene where all the dancers play dead but still booty pop to the beat while two Dr. Pep cans float ominously in the doorway is very American Horror Story.


Who cares if there's bats flying around the bedroom when you're a butterscotch babe and the aquaberry boss is entertaining?

Does Diplo eat ass?

The shades are kinda fly. The hackneyed Goosebumps vibe, not so much.

Back in college one year the homie came back to the room from break with a case of Doc Pep and I, being something of an enterprising drinker and also a reckless adventurer at the time, looked up drink recipes involving DP (get your mind out of the gutter) and found one that involved emptying out half the can and topping it back off with peppermint Schnapps. This scene reminds me of what the next week of dorm life looked like that fall.

Hey look it's the artist formerly known as The Artist Who Guessed It.

OG Maco recently spoke out on Twitter against what he characterized as a glorification of drugs perpetuated by artists like Future and albums like DS2.

Maco has recently bristled against being classified as a "turn up" artist and set about distancing himself from the party-loving wildman image he presented with "U Guessed It."


It's not your fault. You did great.

That face when people don't take your serious stuff seriously, so you glitter bomb the booty.