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PREMIERE: Cancer - "Hunting Large Cats From Helicopters" (Live)

The Danish super-duo is sensational in the first of three new video releases we're premiering this week.

It’s Tuesday, which generally means three things: you’re blissfully reliving highlights from the weekend in your head in between emails to your boss, you’re self-medicating with buckets of juice to survive the aftermath of the weekend, or you’re somewhere in the sweet spot between the two. Luckily for you, the latest video from Cancer directed by Christina Amundsen is the much-needed cure to ease your body and mind into recovery mode from any debauchery you partook in over the past few days. "Hunting Large Cats from Helicopters" is a swelling, cascading work that spends 15 minutes submerging you into a calmly dreamlike world that artfully blends post-rock sensibilities, surreal lyrics about things like strawberries in your dreams and an elegantly soft, black and white peek at Cancer doing their thing live on stage.

We’ll happily sink into this kind of world, and not only on a Tuesday: keep your eyes peeled for another live video from Cancer coming up this Thursday, as well as a new music video of theirs on Friday. In case you're still thirsting for more from the super duo, you can give their EP Ragazzi a listen here.