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BANKS Fans Think Neon Jungle Are "Lowdown Basic Bitches Who Can't Write Their Own Tracks"

The British girlband have put “Waiting Game” on their debut album.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

BANKS put out a track last year called “Waiting Game”. A few people on the internet wet their pants over it and proclaimed her the saviour of pop music, the mother to their unborn grandchildren, and the superglue to every broken heart.

Then in February this year, a British girlband called Neon Jungle (think Spice Girls if they had Tumblr and were only allowed to shop in Zara) put out a song called “Waiting Game”. It wasn't a coincidence; it wasn’t even a re-work. Neon Jungle straight up ripped BANKS’s single and released it as their own with no credit and no hat-tip. Not even a RT.

Obviously bands cover other bands' songs all the time, but from vocal style to production this seems like a straight up steal. If you would like to compare the two songs, and how similar they sound, please watch the examples below.