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Deep Ass Questions

Did Majid Jordan Accidentally Create the Perfect James Bond Intro?

It's this the current generation's version of 'Dark Side of Oz.'

The name's Jordan. Majid Jordan.

The latest video for "Her" from the Toronto duo is about as artsy as you can get. It has extravagant sets, a plethora of beautiful models, and a cohesive black and white aesthetic. But the true charm of the visuals come when the video is played on mute alongside the James Bond theme song, transforming the minimal synth song with haunting vocals into the opening credits for an unreleased James Bond movie.

Who do you think the members of Majid Jordan hold to be their favorite Bond? Based on his penchant for all black and slicked hair, I'd wager a guess that Majid Al Maskati's favourite Bond was Pierce Brosnan. On the other hand, Jordan Ullman is more difficult to pin down. His aloofness and preference for not being the centre of attention might lead one to believe that Roger Moore is his go-to Bond, but there's also a very good chance that Ullman may play the wild card by selecting someone obscure, like Timothy Dalton. There's no way of knowing for sure unless they each leave a comment below, but regardless of their choice of Bond, the video for "Her" would do justice as the opening credits for any of the great James Bond movies (aka all the ones that don't feature Daniel Craig.)