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Holy Shit

Do Yourself a Favor and Listen to HAIM's Remix of Tame Impala's "'Cause I'm a Man"

Is it... chopped and screwed?

Sometimes, on a Thursday afternoon—the time of the week when you're convinced it's the weekend but it's not quite the weekend because you have to go through another day of work but you might get irresponsibly hammered because, like, who actually does any real work on Friday anyway?—the universe smiles. These moments of positivity can come in many forms. Maybe it's when Chance the Rapper and Lil B decide to release a surprise mixtape. Or maybe it's when you become the first person ever to nail the "smoke weed everyday" line from that Dr. Dre song. Or maybe, it's a day like today, when HAIM takes Tame Impala's "'Cause I'm a Man," one of the feel-good psych rock anthems of the year, and remixes it. Fuggit, let's all cut out of work now and drop some acid. Summer Friday, baby!