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Holy Shit

Watch Kanye West's "Only One" Video

This is the most adorable music video ever made.

Kanye West's "Only One" is, as you know, an incredible and loving song. Kanye West's daughter North West is, as you know, an adorable child. She is also the subject of that song. So, in keeping with the spirit of the song, the video for "Only One" is simple footage of Kanye and North walking around on a rainy road being an adorable father-daughter pair. It is beautiful. It is what happiness and tranquility and love all look like. You should obviously watch it immediately.


Kanye went on The Ellen Show to debut the video, which was directed by Spike Jonze, this morning, just like he did to debut the "Bound 2" video. If there is one thing that this iteration of Kanye is all about, it's winning over all of America, and there is no better place to do so. He talked to Ellen a little about the video and parenthood, and she prepared a rap video for him as well, which you can watch below after you're done bawling your eyes out over Kanye and Nori: