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Slipknot's Bassist Was Rushed to Hospital Mid-Way Through a Show Last Night

Slipknot powered through the rest of the set anyway, because that's how Slipknot do.

Slipknot's bassist was rushed to hospital in an ambulance halfway through a gig last night at the XFinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. The band abandoned the stage after five songs and appeared 20 minutes later, minus new bassist Alex 'VMan' Venturella.

You can watch some fan-filmed footage of the event above, but mostly it's just a lot of people musing aloud on whether or not they'll get their money back before frontman Corey Taylor comes on stage and addresses the crowd. “I’m sorry to say that our bass player, Alex had – something happened. I’m not sure what happened. He’s been put in an ambulance and he's going to the hospital as we speak. I want you to all make some noise for him. Send him some fucking love."

Slipknot powered through the rest of the set as an eight piece anyway, because that's how Slipknot do, with Taylor saying, "Now, we had a choice to come back out here. We've had to modify some shit, but we're gonna keep on playing for you. It's what we want, it's what Alex would fucking want."

Slipknot's original bassist Paul Gray passed away in May 2010 from an accidental overdose of drugs.