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Premiere: Aron McFaul - "From Love"

The video is a lot like that last scene from Interstellar, only good.

"From Love" is the second single from Swedish producer/DJ Aron McFaul on the newly established label West Coast Recordings. By fusing rough and jerky transitions, shades of Manchester pop and elements of hip-hop, McFaul has undeniably formed his very own soundscapes to roam through. But what truly makes McFaul unique is the flurry of mundane samples randomly plucked from the humdrum of everyday life that are sprinkled throughout his songs. The hacked and slashed new "From Love"-video is no exception to this Warholian ode to tediousness. As far as aesthetics go, it's sort of like that final scene of Interstellar filmed with home video equipment from the 90s - which, as it turns out, is quite the improvement.

So if you're the type of guy or gal who finds yourself getting an auditive boner at the sound of your iPhone's low battery-notification or birds chirping, then Aron McFaul is your guy.