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Woman Maybe Steals Car, Gets Pulled Over, Dances to Future

The GoFundMe page to donate to her case has yet to be revealed.

Sometimes when life knocks you down, you have no option but to steal a car and listen to DS2 while pretending you're in a rap video. We've all been there, but early this morning in Los Angeles, a woman who needs to become my best friend was apprehended for doing just that.

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The suspect allegedly stole the vehicle, took it for a joy ride, ran over a spike strip, and blew a tire. When confronted, she did what anyone else in her situation would do: First, the cops let her hop out the motherfuckin' Ford. Then the hero proceeded to do a little jig along to Future's "Where Ya At," a fact I was able to pick up on instantly after having that damn Vine of DJ Esco dancing seared into my brain.

Unfortunately soon after "officers swarmed the car, pulled her out and took her into custody near the 2000 block of East 8th Street." Instructions on which e-mail address to send a PayPal donation to have still not been revealed.