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Holy Shit

Stream Kanye West's "Awesome," a Song Presumedly About How Awesome He Thinks Kim Kardashian Is

There's no word if this song will appear on 'So Help Me God.'

via Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Another day in the build-up to Kanye West's upcoming record So Help Me God, and another piece of Kanye West news. This time around, it's a new-ish song called "Awesome," which features warbly auto-tuned singing from Kanye about how sweet he thinks his significant other is. We say "new-ish" because Ye played this song a couple years ago at his performance at the Met Ball in 2013, a couple months before the release of Yeezus. There are also rumors that Kanye's laptop was stolen while in Paris, so here's to hoping Yeezy's got iCloud set up.

Stream "Awesome" below.