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Oh Man, Listen to the First Episode of VICE on Beats1 Featuring Noisey Atlanta

It launches Sunday, July 5, and will be all you need in your life.

Apple Music launched earlier this week. If you didn't know this, well, it might be time to start communicating with the outside world a bit more. To see how it holds up to other streaming services, we had a teen—because, duh, teens understand technology better than the rest of us—mess around with it. (Spoiler alert: He liked it!) But enough about that, because the coolest part about Apple Music is Beats1 Radio, the 24-hour radio service featuring sweet DJs from all over the world all the time—a radio service that we are stoked to announce we're joining.


On Sunday, July 5 at 6PM UK time, VICE will launch a weekly radio show. The first episode focuses on Noisey and some the best work we've done, our ten-part documentary series Noisey Atlanta. The doc's producers will discuss what went into making it, and what they hoped to accomplish. Be sure to tune in right here.