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Introducing Anglo-Franco Duo POSTAAL and Their Debut Tune "Freedom"

Apparently these two met in a cave. That is probably bull, but this dance tune is gold.

Here's what we know about POSTAAL. There's two of them. One of them is English and the other is French and they make music together in Paris. Apparently they met in a cave, but let's be real, that's probably bull. They also have close affiliations with The Shoes. You know The Shoes—they're that uber cool French electronic crew who tickled your ears and eyes most notably backin 2012 with the video for skittering electro tune, "Time to Dance," (premiered on Noisey, natch), which saw Jake Gyllenhaal rampaging round East London in a drug-fuelled, psychotic fury.


In any case The Shoes are a Big Deal in France and on Friday they performed with POSTAAL on primetime French TV show, Le Grand Journal, playing "Give it Away" (no not a rework of the RHCP tune). Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was there and she seemed impressed. But back to POSTAAL. Apart from this collaboration and a sweet cover of En Vogue's "Don't Let Go," they haven't dropped any original material… till now. "Freedom" is a lowkey banger—a vocal trade off between the mellow vocals in the chorus and the soulful house tones create an instantly catchy chorus, plus it comes replete with mournful piano chords (emotions!) and just the right amount of womp. Tasty like like a croque monsieur, we're down for seconds.

POSTAAL will be touring in France with The Shoes all summer (and into the fall). So, you know, if you happen to be over there, here's a little something extra to do while you're there.

11th July - Musilac Festival (Aix-Les Bains, FR)

18th July - Les Vielles Charrues (Carhaix, FR)

31st July - Arenal Sound Festival (Buriana, SP)

21st Aug - Cabert Vert (Charleville Mezieres, FR)

28th Aug - Concert De Rentree (Dijon, FR)

29th Aug - Woodstower Festival (Lyon, FR)

4th July - Les Eurockennes (Belfort, FR)

17th July - FNAC Live (Paris, FR)

18th Sept – Scopitone (Nantes, FR)

25th Sept – Ososphere (Strasbourg, FR)

26th Sept – Elektricity (Reims, FR)

3rd Oct - Poulpaphone (Boulogne Sur-Mer, FR)

22nd Oct – Nuits De Champagne / Le Cube (Troyes, FR)

14th Nov – Festival Bebop (Le Man, FR)