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New music

Zombie Nation: "Level" Video Premiere

Both terrifying and rousing.

Having a sluggish start to your day? Why not wake yourself up with a helping of totally chilled out German techno. By chilled out, I mean doing some violent fist-pumping at your desk till your blood pressure's at embolism levels, courtesy of none other than Florian Senfter aka. industrial techno producer, Zombie Nation.

You can't help but be roused into footstamping by track "Level" anyway, but now it's got some freaky, typically ZN visuals to accompany it. Basically, it sees some guy with a massive speaker nonchalantly built into his gut, happily going about his day, crotch-thrusting as his belly-stereo entertains the general public. It's best not to ask too many questions and just watch.

Zombie Nation's album RGB is out now, RIGHT NOW, here.