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Dolores Haze - "I Got My Gun"

These girls are hot, hot, hot, and hot!

2015 02 12, 12:31pm

We first heard Stockholm based Dolores Haze and their excellent cover of Peaches's "Fuck the Pain Away" (which I'm unfortunately unable to find) and were like, Damn, these girls are hot, hot, hot, and hot! So it didn't come as much of a surprise when they teamed up with Teenage Engineering at Cheap Monday's Stockholm Fashion Week show and literally – excuse the pun – blew everybody's minds with "I Got My Gun".

If you're not all that V.I.P. and don't hang around at fashion weeks, we got the premiere for "I Got My Gun" right here in its full.

This noise quartet, composed of Groovy Nickz, Groovy Fuck, Lucky Lollo, and Foxy Sagz, has promised to take over the world with their careless punk girrrl aura. Now when they've teamed up with Pontus Winnberg of artist collective INRGID (he's produced this track, but mind you, the band writes their own lyrics) it probably won't be that long until their promise will be our reality.

"I Got My Gun" is out today via INGRID and Stockholm label Woah Dad! Check out more from Dolores Haze on their Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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