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Kanye West's 15-Minute "Runaway" Rant on the Last Night of the Yeezus Tour Will Inspire You to Build Your Own Mountain

Plus he raps a bit of his verse from "Drunk In Love (Remix)."

Last night, we went to see Kanye again at Nassau Coliseum in New York for the final stop of his Yeezus tour in North America.

Plenty of great things happened:

-Kanye shouted out Scott Disick and went on to perform "N***** in Paris" for a bit.
-Kim was there.
-He signed a superfan's Red Octobers in the front row and gave a signed mic to a fan with a Yeezus tattoo.
-He rapped a bit of his "Drunk In Love (Remix)" verse.
-And his typically long-winded speech was a 15-minute inspirational rant, and we have a full video of it below.


And as a present to us all, he rapped a bit of his verse on Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love (Remix)" but skipped the "impregnated your mouth, girl" part because obviously his future mother-in-law was watching.

Being that it was the last night of the tour in North America, we expected some crazy shit to happen—but rather an epic night full of Kanye jumps and explosions (although there was plenty of that), Yeezy's demeanour was weirdly calm and satisfied. He took off his discoball mask about halfway through the set and went on to play pretty much every feel-awesome-about-your-life-because-everything-rules song in his discography, including "Through the Wire," "Touch the Sky," and "All Falls Down." He couldn't stop smiling.

But before that, he talked for roughly 15 minutes about everything from his therapy sessions to how he feels like Michelangelo to how the radio sucks. In short, dude is excited for the next ten years of his life. It was really something and, even if you hate Kanye West, you should watch the full video of it below.

Lauren Nostro and Eric Sundermann will be dressing like dancers from the Yeezus tour for Halloween.




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