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Könsförrädare's Video for "Blood Rush" Is A Hemorrhaging Teen Inferno

You might not be able to pronounce their name, but it still looks badass on a t-shirt.

In a surge of rushing adrenaline and gushing blood comes the latest video from Könsförrädare for their newest single "Blood Rush". It is the latest reveal of what's to come when this foursome's heavily anticipated second album End of History drops September 25th. Volatile anti-establishment lyrics like the gobsmacking "We are made (illegal)", sudden changes of pace and incendiary caustic riffs lands these rampaging Swedes somewhere between indie rock and post-punk - matched in this video by a youthful inferno of nice, sterile Nordic kids clad in white transformed into feral, bloody rocking zombies. Not being able to pronounce their name (still looks badass on a t-shirt) is no excuse for not letting yourself charge balls-first into Könsförrädare's "Blood Rush" - completely losing your shit in this unholy perfect storm of gore and punk-rocking spitfire. Oh, and note the Pink Floydy murmuring children's voices at the end. Eerie. Könsförrädare have already laid waste to venues such as Roskilde Festival's Rising Stage and VEGA following the release of their debut EP in 2013, and are currently touring through Sweden and Denmark once more, hitting Aarhus 22/10 and Huset KBH in Copenhagen 23/10.