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Ballet School's Video for "Lux" Is a Vision of Minimalist Cool

Guys you must always make sure your kitten matches your nails.

Pop group Ballet School may be from Berlin, but their music pays homage to 80s American pop — a vibrant melange of synths and elastic, soaring vocals. We’ve shared their lush music with you before via their video for "Crush," but here's something new: “Lux” is a twinkling, melodic track that lures you in from the opening canned beat echo.

From that point on it’s smooth sailing as band members Rosie Blair, Michel Jun Collet, and Louis McGuire jam in front of a luminous backdrop. On the style tip, there's a lot to learn.


1. All white minimalism is in.

2. Leather harnesses are hot.

3. Metallic shoes are futuristic cool.

4. You can never beat a Madonna-esque tuxedo jacket.

5. Ditto red lips a la Gwen Stefani.

6. If you have a silver sweater that's enough of a statement. Leave the pants at home.

And the closing shot? A slightly glowing, rainbow-tinged wig, plus, the fuzziest kitten I’ve seen this morning. Guys you must always make sure your kitten matches your nails.

Ballet School's debut album, The Dew Lasts an Hour, is out on 9/9 via Bella Union.

Aliza is looking for a similar rainbow wig. Let her know if you find one - @AlizaAbarbanel