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Is Taylor Swift a Regular Poster on 4Chan?

She's been the victim of trolling, but a new image suggests that Tay Tay is a frequent 4Chan user.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Taylor Swift, in her smash hit, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Of all of the internationally famous playboys and playgirls, it’s Taylor Swift who has been trolled the most by the Internet.

In the past year or so, Taylor has been the victim of several contests rigged by 4Chan, the message board site that allows users to post under the veil of anonymity. If Reddit is the front page of the internet, 4Chan is its anus the night after a big curry, its /b/ board infamous for its explicit content and endless memes.


Like a web-based Trojan army that knows no leader, the users of 4chan have often rallied together, fighting not for freedom, but against people they find irritating. People like Taylor Swift. Last year they hijacked a competition to decide which school in America she’d perform a free concert at, registering thousands of votes for her to perform at a school for deaf children. In a similar stunt, 4chan users forced her into a meet-and-greet with a creepy 39 year old guy, who would proceed to sniff her hair.

It doesn’t make sense to me. Out of all of the famous people though, Dave Benson Phillips, or the kid from the Frosties advert, why Taylor? She’s the archetypal wet dream of the tits or GTFO crowd, which is why, when the below image surfaced over the weekend, I felt a bit strange.

The image was originally posted on 4Chan and seems to suggest that Tay-Tay is a regular poster on the site. It pieces together posts from Taylor’s social networks, with corresponding posts on the /b/ messageboard. It shows how Taylor used the site to crowd source the name for her kitten, create an IAMA, and post a misery selfie, asking for random internet guys to make her smile. In case you don't have a magnifying glass handy, here's a link to the full image.

I understand Rules 1 and 2 /b/ro, and I also understand that some kind of meta trolling could be going on. But, it’s at least interesting, even if it’s fake, to know that deep down, famous people are just like everyone else. Lost souls, braying for self-help and instant gratification up votes on the internet.


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