Join Silent Wave on a Synth-Infused Road Trip

Watch the Gothenburg-duo embrace the car as visual inspiration in the video for "Only Love, Nothing More".

av Caisa Ederyd
2015 01 26, 1:09pm

Road trips: Few things are as good in reality as in our memories. Which is why cruising around in cars potentially has become our contemporary alternative source for creative inspiration. Forget love and hate – unless we’re talking about relationships with, in, or around cars, of course. Nowadays, it's the jouney that counts. Thelma & Louse, Drive, Robert Miles’s music video for “Children”, are only a small handful of epic scenes taking place in and around cars on roads. And despite their vicious grip on nature, cars won’t go away any time soon.

Look at Gothenburg-duo Silent Wave’s “Only Love, Nothing More” for example. Here, they’ve embraced the car on the road as visual inspiration in the video for their follow-up to their debut single “Dream On Dream On”, showing off the beautiful forest roads of Scandinavia.

Hans Olsson Brookes and Tildeh Hjelm’s far from silent music project has a vague Ladytron-esque feel to it with classic Gothenburg pop sprinkled on top. “Only Love, Nothing More” has an even more chilled out atmosphere going on than “Dream On Dream On”. It sounds as if Silent Wave are a melancholic synth party that I’d love to be invited to – ‘cause so far, I really enjoy the ride.