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Holy Shit

We're Not Even Going to Attempt to Describe How Sexy Miguel's Video for "...goingtohell" Is

It is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so sexy.

Miguel is pretty much sex. If you were to pull the concept of sex and all of its intricacies and subtelties, and all the fun and grossness and intimacy and everything, threw it into some contraption to make it all into human, you would definitely get Miguel. Which is why his newest video for "…goingtohell" is the exact kind of video you need to express what's going on in Miguel's smooth, R&B jams. There's a whole bunch of art, sweaty men, sweaty women, sex-having, implications of sex-having, and Miguel looking beautiful. What more could any human want, ever?


Watch the video below, and read our interview with the god of sex right here.